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Weco 440 Patterned Lens Edger (Reconditioned)

Gerber Coburn Kappa Patternless Edging System

Gerber Coburn Sigma Patternless Edging System

Reconditioned Lab Package $5990 Includes: Edger, Blocker, Groover, Patt. Mkr., Tinter & Hand Edger

Aculens 186 Auto Lensmeter

Humphrey Lens Analyzer Model 350

Gerber Coburn Gamma Patternless Lens Edger (Reconditioned)

Weco 461-S Patterned Lens Edger (Reconditioned)

National Optronics Horizon II Patterned Lens Edger (Reconditioned)

EdgeMaster II All Material Patterned Lens Edger (Reconditioned)

EdgeMaster II All Material Patterned Lens Edger (Reconditioned)

A.I.T. Grande Mark Patterned Lens Edger (Reconditioned)

Dimelp Avanti Diamond Hand Edger (Reconditioned)

O.C. Design Diamond Hand Edger (Reconditioned)

A.I.T. Speede Layout Blocker (Reconditioned)

A.I.T. Speede Layout Blocker (Reconditioned)

Dimelp Layout Blocker (Reconditioned)

B&L Model #70 Vertometer (Reconditioned)

Novamatic P-4 Patternmaker (Reconditioned)

Novamatic P-5 Patternmaker (Reconditioned)

Novamatic Groovemaster (Reconditioned)

Burton LLD  P. D. Gauge (Reconditioned)

Essilor CRP Pupilometer (Reconditioned)


Heine Omega 180 Binocular Indirect With Case, & Portable Power Supply

Marco CP 670 Automatic Chart Projector

Marco 101 Lensmeter Classic

Medtronic Tono-Pen XL Tonometer

Canon RK-3 Auto Refractor/ K recond.DGH Pachmate DGH 55  Handheld Pachymeter

Canon RK-3 Auto Refractor/ K recond.Canon RK-3 Auto Refractor Keratometer Reconditioned

Marco ARK 2000 Auto Refractor/ K recond.Marco ARK 2000 Auto Refractor Keratometer Reconditioned

Reconditioned Marco 1201 Lane Package $7990 Includes: Chair & Stand, Refractor, Slit Lamp & K

Humphrey 597 Auto Refractor Keratometer

Canon RK-F1 Full Auto Refractor/Keratometer

Canon TX-F Full Auto Non Contact Tonometer

Welch Allyn PanOptic Ophthalmoscope

Reichert Ultramatic Refractor (Reconditioned)

Topcon VTD Refractor (Reconditioned)

Topcon SL 2-E Slit Lamp (Reconditioned)

Topcon SL 2-D Slit Lamp (Reconditioned)

Topcon SL 5D Photo Slit Lamp (Reconditioned)

    Mentor Slit Lamp    (Reconditioned)

Reichert Stereo Radiuscope #11200 (Reconditioned)

Marco EverLight Halogen Chart Projector (Reconditioned)

Reichert POC Chart Projector (Reconditioned)

B&L Keratometer (Reconditioned)

B&L Keratometer (Reconditioned)

Woodlyn Keratometer (Reconditioned)

Topcon Chair & Stand (Reconditioned)

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