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Ophthalmic Tools & Supplies
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Ophthalmic Tools & Supplies

Any Bulb Or BatteryBulbs & Batteries

POM carries a full line of every manufacturer's replacement bulbs & batteries. We provide an on-line order form and a bulb reference guide for your convenience, just click below.

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OphthalmoscopesWelch Allyn Ophthalmoscopes

Standard Ophthalmoscope- Halogen light, 6 apertures, 28 lenses -25 to +40 diopters, Rubber brow rest, Illuminated lens dial. # 11710

Price: $169                        Buy Now!                   More Info.

Coaxial Ophthalmoscope- Halogen HPX Lamp, Coaxial optical system, Crossed linear polarizing filter, Red-free filter, Sealed optics. # 11720

Price: $178                        Buy Now!                   More Info.

AutoStep Coaxial Ophthalmoscope- Includes all features of the 11720 plus: Halogen HPX Lamp that provides 30% more light output, for true tissue color. 68 lenses in one diopter steps for better resolution. # 11730

Price: $214                        Buy Now!                   More Info.



Welch Allyn PanOptic Ophthalmoscope

Developed by Welch Allyn® the originator of the world's first hand-held direct illuminating opthalmoscope, the PanOptic™ incorporates an innovative and patented new optical design called Axial PointSource™ Optics. This enabling technology makes it easier to enter small pupils and provides a dramatically wider, more panoramic view of the fundus that's 5X larger than ever before achieved with a standard opthalmoscope in an undilated eye. #11810- PanOptic Ophthalmoscope- Cobalt-Blue Filter (Handle Sold Separately)

Price: $395                            Buy Now!                   More Info.

RetinoscopesWelch Allyn Retinoscopes

Streak and/or Spot Retinoscopes- External focusing sleeve, Brighter Halogen light, Crossed linear polarizing filter, Magnetic, age appropriate targets, One-hand operation, Rubber brow rest.

Interchangeable- streak retinoscope can be converted to a spot retinoscope by simply changing the lamp.

#18200- 3.5v Streak Retinoscope/ #18300- 3.5v Spot Retinoscope

Price: $235                            Buy Now!                   More Info.

TransilluminatorsWelch Allyn Transilluminators

Finnoff Ocular Transilluminator- Halogen HPX Lamp, Fiber optic light transmission, Fully sterilizable, optional cobalt blue filter.

#41100- Finnoff Ocular Transilluminator

#41101-Same as 41100, with cobalt blue filter

Price: $63                               Buy Now!                   More Info.


Welch Allyn HandelsWelch Allyn Rechargeable Handles

Rechargeable Handle- Accepts all Welch Allyn 3.5v instrument heads, Well-balanced, Adjustable rheostat control, Safety switch.

#71670- Well rechargeable 3.5v/ Price: $90

#71000-A - Wall Plug-in Style rechargeable 3.5v/ Price: $105

                         Buy Now!                   More Info.

Welch Allyn Desk Charger

Desk Charger- With advanced circuitry for constant automatic safe charging and optimum lamp performance and life. Available with optional wall brackets. Accepts 3.5 and 2.5v well rechargable NiCad handles. Lithium Ion and PocketScope handles require an adapter.

# 71140- Charger only, 110-130v

Price: $182                            Buy Now!                   More Info.


Welch Allyn Binocular Indirect OphthalmoscopeWelch Allyn B.I.O.

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope- Convergence control, Padded headband, Halogen light source, Precision aluminum chassis, Sealed optics, Mirror tilt control, Full-Time safety filter, IPD control.

#12500- BIO (optical portion, headband, 8 ft. cord)

Price: $1155                          Buy Now!                   More Info.

Marco Brightness Acuity Tester (BAT)Marco BAT

Brightness Acuity Tester- Measures glare without leaving the refracting lane. Three variable light intensity settings simulate glare conditions. Evaluates tinted lenses, sunglasses and anti-reflectives to quantify improvement in glare disorders.  Macular photo stress testing.

Easy to use, operates with rechargeable battery, tests all patients with any acuity chart.

Price: $779                              Buy Now!                More Info.




Marco Potential Acuity Meter (PAM)Marco PAM

Potential Acuity Meter- Quantitative measurement of macular health.  Shellen charts available.  Easy to mount on most slit lamps.  Simple testing performed in a few minutes.  Rapid vision screening for retinal patients.  Retinal vision testing without refraction in post-surgical cases.  Spherical correction adjustable from -10 to +13D.

Price: $2295                          Buy Now!                  More Info.



ChartsDistance Charts

Snellen letters, Kindergarten, Illiterate E and many others available.

Price: Call                              More Info.

Color TestsColor Tests

Ishihara 10, 14, 24 and 38 plate, Pseudo-Isochromatic 15 plate, Farnsworth D-15 and 100 Hue Test. Many others available.

Price: Call                              More Info.

Stereo TestsStereo Tests

Stereo Fly, Butterfly, and  Randot tests are but a few of the many 3D type tests stocked by POM

Price: Call                              More Info.

OcculudersOccluders & Exophthalmometers

Black/ White, Single/ Double, Long/ Short, Maddox Rod... POM has-em.

Price: Call                               More Info.


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