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Reichert #70 VertometerReichert #70 Vertometer (Lensmeter)

Reichert Model 70 Vertometer. After 30 years production this is the most trusted lensmeter in the industry. Large axis and power drums for easy reading, sensitive target, precision marking device for accurate lens layout.

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Marco 101 LensmeterMarco 101 Lensmeter

Marco Model 101 Lensmeter complete with prism compensator, accurate marking device, accessories and dust cover.                                        "Most popular Lensmeter in the Industry"

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Marco 201 LensmeterMarco 201 Lensmeter

Marco Model 201 Lensmeter complete with prism compensator, internal readings, accurate marking device, accessories and dust cover.

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Nikon EL7S LensmeterNikon EL7S Lensmeter

Nikon Model EL-7S Lensmeter complete with self inking marking cartridges, LED light source illumination, AC or battery power source, accessories and dust cover.  

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Burton 2021 LensmeterBurton 2021 Lensmeter

Burton Model 2021 Lensmeter with prism compensator, accessories and dust cover.

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Humphrey Lens Analyzer 350Humphrey Lens Analyzer Model 350

Humphrey Lens Analyzer 350 gives you fast, easy, accurate lens neutralization for any lens: Progressive lenses, prescriptions with prism, contact lenses, polycarbonate, or other high-index materials without extensive training or reading through thick manuals.

The LA 350 features an icon-based interface that guides the operator through the neutralization process. They provide continuous feedback and notify the user of special situations, such as lens aberrations or rapid power changes. The instruments automatically calculate the monocular and binocular spectacle PD without centering the lens. Just place the lens in the instrument and it does the rest.

Marco LM990A Auto LensmeterMarco LM990A Auto Lensmeter

Marco Model LM-990A Automatic Lensmeter measures monocular and binocular PD automatically. It can measure your most difficult lenses, including progressives, prisms and high-index lenses with ease. Built in printer and accessories.

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Aculens 186 Auto Lensmeter

Aculens 186 Automatic Lensmeter measures all types of lenses including progressive multifocals fast and easy. The Aculens 186 enables you to automaticly detect progressive lenses and measure the PD of  frames with the power of the lens simultaneously. Built in printer and accessories.

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Reichert Lenscheck Auto LensmeterReichert LensChek Auto Lensmeter

Reichert Model 12621 "LensChek" Advanced Logic Lensmeter with automatic measurement of single vision, multifocal, progressive lens, and prism. Instrument dust cover is included.

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Burton LLD  P. D. GaugeBurton LLD  P. D. Gauge

Burton Model LLD Digital Pupilometer complete with accessories.

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A.I.T. Speede BlockerA.I.T. Speede Blocker

A.I.T. Speede Adhesive Layout Blocker complete with Leap Adaptor and accessories.                                                                                         "Most popular Layout Blocker in the Industry".

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Novamatic Novascope LS-3 BlockerNovamatic Novascope LS-3 Blocker

Novamatic Novascope LS-3 Manual Layout Blocker/ Layout Marker Combination.

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Weco CD-3A BlockerWeco CD-3A Blocker

Weco Model CD-3A Automatic Blocking Device. Push button operation, Parallax free projection.

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