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Marco's Package Plus Program

Marco's  Package Plus Program
Build your own Marco Instrument Lane

Build your own Marco instrument lane package for as low as $13, 995.00.  Whatever your needs... from a simple, conservative package to the most feature-filled package!  Marco Ophthalmic has the right instrument lane combination for you.  Call us today to find out how buying all Marco can help you save.

*Lane packages must include a chair and stand, slit lamp, refractor and chart projector.  Sales tax, shipping and installation not included.

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Medtronic Tono-Pen XL Applanation Tonometer

Medtronic Tono-Pen XL Tonometer

The Medtronic Tono-Pen XL is an easy to use, portable, hand held instrument which provides fast and accurate IOP readings. Battery power operates the pen for approximately 1200 eyes. The unit comes complete with sterile tips, accessories and hard case.

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Canon RK-F1 Full Auto Ref-Keratometer

Canon RK- F1
Full Auto Ref-Keratometer


The new RK-F1Fully Automatic Ref-Keratometer sets the standard for inovation and ease of operation.  The RK-F1 simplifies the standard measurement procedure to an unprecedented degree - all operations in just one step.  With a press of the Start button, the RK-F1 automatically completes the entire series of steps for both eyes: alignment, measurement, and printout.  This improved process promises not only to reduce overall exam time, but in combination with improved measurement technology will raise the accuracy and reliability of eye exams as well.  Easier to use, more effecient, more precise: The Canon RK-F1 represents yet another breakthrough in optometric technology.

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Canon TX-F Full Auto Non Contact Tonometer

Canon TX-F
TX-F Full Auto Non Contact Tonometer


Think of the Canon TX-F as a “one-touch wonder”. Because that’s exactly what it is, thanks to Canon’s innovative Full Auto technology – once your patient’s eye is in the monitor, you simply press the Start button and the exam is over in seconds. The entire process is remarkably quick, and the unit’s three-dimensional tracking system ensures that your readings are extremely reliable.

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Canon CR6-45NM Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

Canon CR6- 45NM
Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

The new CR6-45NM Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera is an ideal diagnostic tool for ophthalmologists, optometrists and other medical professionals, especially when it comes to detecting and monitoring diabetes. With its detailed ergonomics and sophisticated functions like the advanced Internal Fixation Lamp, the camera combines precision with simplicity for fast, easy overall operation. And, a wide range of optional accessories make the CR6-45NM suited to a broad range of needs and preferences.

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Canon CF-60UD 60 Degree Fundus Camera

Ophthalmic Equipment:
CF-60UD Fundus Camera

Canon presents a basic but extremely practical 60 degree mydriatic fundus camera offering a range of valuable functions for color and fluorescein fundus photography.  The CF-60UD, maintaining high quality images at 60 degree and 40 degree field angles, allows you to document a patient's retinal status easily and precisely.  The camera has 1.7 X magnification at 60 degree and 2.5X at 40 degree.  Same as Zeiss 30 degree magnification.


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DGH Pachmate DGH 55 Handheld Pachymeter

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Humphrey Lens Analyzer 350Humphrey Lens Analyzer Model 350

Humphrey Lens Analyzer 350 gives you fast, easy, accurate lens neutralization for any lens: Progressive lenses, prescriptions with prism, contact lenses, polycarbonate, or other high-index materials without extensive training or reading through thick manuals.

The LA 350 features an icon-based interface that guides the operator through the neutralization process. They provide continuous feedback and notify the user of special situations, such as lens aberrations or rapid power changes. The instruments automatically calculate the monocular and binocular spectacle PD without centering the lens. Just place the lens in the instrument and it does the rest.

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Humphrey Auto Refractor Keratometer Recond.Humphrey 597 Auto Refractor Keratometer

The Humphrey 597 provides refinement of sphere, cylinder and axis for true optimization. In addition, near vision, glare, complete subjective testing and special targets for children and patients with reading difficulties allow the practitioner to test the widest range of patients. Precise keratometric readings are performed quickly and easily during the refraction process.



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