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To buy an item listed below, simply check the appropriate box and complete the contact information and the bottom of this page. POM will contact you to complete the transaction.

Optical Tools & Supplies

Most Common ScrewdriversMost Popular Screwdrivers

New combination blades- Flat Head on one end, Phillips Head on the other end. Lightweight "No-Roll" Handle takes interchangeable blades.

Standard Screwdriver- 2 sizes of flat blades (.062 & .087)

Phillips-Head Screwdriver- 2 sizes phillips-head blades (.062 & .080)

Price: $5.95                          Buy Now!                 More Info.

Tool Set10 Piece PRO Plier Set

10 Piece Hilco PRO Plier Set with FREE Tool Rack

Price: $415.95                       Buy Now!                 More Info.

DeblockerDeblocking Tool

Hand Held Tool- Removes 3M Leap Blocks safely and quickly

 Price: $17.95                        Buy Now!                 More Info.

Axis Pliers 1Lens Aligning Plier

Use for precision axis aligning, accommodates any frame

Price: $27.95               Buy Now!  More Info.

Axis Plier 2Axis Aligning Plier

Soft rubber pads on spring jaw to prevent lens damage

Price: $49.95               Buy Now!  More Info.

Nose Pad PlierSlim Nose Pad Adj. Plier

Reaches tight spots to adjust nose pads

Price: $34.95              Buy Now!   More Info.

Chain Nose PlierFlat Chain Nose Plier

An all-purpose plier for shaping & holding tasks

Price: $39.95              Buy Now!   More Info.

Nylon Gripping PlierNylon Gripping Plier

Holds plastic or metal frames while not-marring

Price: $39.95              Buy Now!   More Info.

Stainless Steel Cutting PlierCutting Plier

Cuts stainless steel screws & core wires up to 0.8mm

Price: $59.95              Buy Now!   More Info.

Every Size & Type ScrewAny Type Screws

Any type or size screws, give POM a call, we've got-em all!

                                                                                                  More Info.


Hot Air Frame WarmerDeluxe Hot Air Frame Warmer

TempMaster deluxe hot air frame warmer- multiple speeds & temp. settings, heats and cools!

Price: $389.95                        Buy Now!               More Info.


Frame WarmerFrame Warmer

Frame Master deluxe frame warmer for glass beads or salt

Price: $199.95                        Buy Now!               More Info.

Lens ClockLens Clock

Measures base curve (plus or minus) in quarter diopter increments. Smooth tips on contacts reduce scratching

Price: $79.95                          Buy Now!               More Info.

Lens Trays Any ColorJob Trays

POM job trays- stackable, durable & colorful, any color available, they come in cases of 20.

Price: $30.00                          Buy Now!               More Info.

China MarkersChina Markers

Non-scratching, colorful china markers.. (specify color) (pkg.12)

Price: $14.00                          Buy Now!               More Info.

Any Tool, Screw, Nose Pad, Or Supply.. Call Us!Catalog Request

POM carries every major brand of  tools, supplies,    screws & nose pads! If you are in need of a current catalog, just choose below.. We'll be happy to send      you a fresh copy!

                                                                                    Hilco       Grobet/Vigor

                                                                                   Sadler     Western

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